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About Us



We are Pounds & Pitbulls, a lifestyle and apparel company for athletes, Crossfitters and dog lovers alike. A percentage of every sale goes directly to saving the lives of abused and sheltered pitbulls and bully breeds. We are based in South Florida.

We partner with pitbull advocates, and charities that not only help save the lives of these animals but also educates the public on how misunderstood these animals really are. Follow us on Instagram and Snapchat so you can see a behind-the-scenes look at we are doing.


Founded by Crossfitter and lifelong fitness fanatic, Kyle Auckland, Pounds & Pitbulls was born from a desire to spread awareness about the abuse and neglect the pitbull breeds face every day.

On top of that, we are Crossfitters and athletes. We love how with fitness, even the most unlikely people can transform their bodies and lives with grit and hard work. I think it's pretty symbolic of the pitbull, don't you?



Almost 5 years ago, my wife, Erika, and I adopted our first pitbull, Olive Oil. She was a street dog found wandering rough areas of Philadelphia. We had no experience with pits, all we knew was that most people thought they were mean, aggressive dogs. We thought, what the heck? They can't be all mean, we'll give them a chance. But so much information online said beware of pitbulls... Now we own 2 pitbulls, Olive and Mila, and they are the nicest, most gentle dogs we have ever known. Every pitbull we've met since we opened our eyes 5 years ago has been nothing but gentle and sweet.

We are super passionate about helping these misunderstood dogs get a second chance and to change society's perception of these animals one day at a time.



When you buy our products, you are not only contributing to the wellbeing and survival of bully breeds, you're also spreading awareness around the misconceptions about this once loved American breed. When you put on our t-shirts, you're spreading awareness. When you buy our products, you're giving an abused or neglected dog a second chance. 

You can help these animals by wearing our gear proudly and by spreading the pitbull love.


Thanks for being a part of our mission!

Kyle Auckland